Material: Plexiglass sculpture with cut out of heart shape, ink printing
Edition of 150 pieces

Please fill out your desired colour and text upon the Suit of your choice in the notes field at the checkout page.

Options:  TURQUOISE SUIT – THINK text  |  RED SUIT – LOVE ME text


“This suit with cut out of the heart shape gives a sense of faceless human-being that seeks to connect, to love and be loved. It represents the inner voice that demands human contact and feelings in the “cold” business world. The heart can be detached as a separate sculpture and leave the suit with the heart hole as another symbolic sculpture. It is standing to remind us what is important in life.”

“The use of plexiglass represents the industrial era we live, with a sense of luxury and sometimes transparent feelings.”

Additional information

Weight 1.513 kg
Dimensions 3 x 18.5 x 26.3 cm