Hotel Art Corners

Even though The Art Dose is an online store, we wish to present our collection in physical spaces as well. We can curate a corner with our products in an already established hotel gift shop or create a pop-up store within the hotel, dedicated only to our brand.

Nowadays, despite the urging need of customers to purchase art gifts from various hotels around the world, this particular service is practically non-existent. Our goal is to fill this important gap in the market. By presenting our collection in selected hotel locations & boutiques, the visitors will gain the unique privilege to see and acquire our exclusive art gifts, either as a present to a loved one or as a gift to themselves.


Our Locations
• MyHydra Concept Store  |  Port of Hydra, Greece
• Cavo Tagoo Hotel  |  Mykonos, Greece
• Branco Hotel  |  Platys Gialos – Mykonos, Greece
• Somewhere Hotel  |  Vouliagmeni, Greece