Everlasting Rose: Our March Solo Exhibition Everlasting Rose: Our March Solo Exhibition

The collective HAWINI arose from the common desire to make a commitment around the values of sharing and exchange with a single watchword: create. Since 2010, this group of eclectic characters put a lot into their social work while leaving an essential place to art and design. HAWINI settles in Sin El Fil, Beirut and they desire above all to try new techniques. Hanging out sometimes in the lines of the city and sometimes in the new interpretation of Pop Art, the collective is interested in the connections between the different universes of design, fine art, scenography and graphics. They propose concepts where creativity and technicality are fully connected and their trademark roses represent the flair and love we have for our dear loved ones.


Visit the “EVERLASTING ROSE” solo exhibition while you can and learn more up-close from our personnel.


Duration:  6 – 31 March, 2019
Location:  A. Metaxa 33, Glyfada, 16674  |  Florida Mall, Ground floor
Contact:  210 9680505  |  info@theartdose.com
Art Curator:  Niki Kapopoulou  |  nk@theartdose.com
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